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Jul. 23rd, 2016 01:43 am
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Date: 2017-07-25 04:49 am (UTC)
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[by now, kavinsky is a familiar sight to most of the staff at dr. chilton's psychiatric hospital for abnormal conditions. he's as familiar as he is out-of-place, parking his jewel-red ferrari among the ordinary vehicles in the lot, strutting out with giant sunglasses perched on his nose, six dollar triple shot latte in hand, a polo shirt to fend off the sun from his delicate white pallor. he's somehow simultaneously nothing like he used to be, and also more than he ever was.

he's polite to the nurses when he walks in. tells the one working at check-in that he ordered in some donuts. by now, most of the staff have started to buy into the idea that he's no longer the vicious little shit who'd bitten through donovan's hand two months ago, earlier in therapy, when there would be guards in the room with dr. chilton and he. guards who are still getting physical rehab for their injuries. but kavinsky still looks young; it's believable enough that treatment would work.

and he's clever enough to circumvent doubts about poisoned baked goods by paying caterers.

but not even kavinsky, mastermind edition, can anticipate all the twists!! the multiverse will throw at you. as he walks past donovan's old station, he stops to stare at a familiar old face.]

Look what the cat dragged in.
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From: [personal profile] pillz
[some of this seems familiar, but all of kavinsky's memories have a cloudy and distorted quality to them these days. like someone stained the glass between then and now, grated the surface to take the harsher details out of clear focus. jack is a concept of bloody teeth and

for some reason, dinosaurs. it's not all that hard to piece together why that might be, considering that a one constant in kavinsky's life remains his wonderfully godmode power.]

Gonna assume you went back to your homeworld and not Tahiti. [kavinsky slips his hands into the pockets of his slacks and regards the cannibal with mild interest and somewhat less penetrative power to his stare.] I got caught by the police for fucking up three cities with a nightmare epidemic. Did you hear about that? [had he been caught up in it? kavinsky can't remember too well, even though he'd surveilled the nightmare hellscape through control items. it'd been a pretty wide-sprawling nightmare hellscape, to be fair.]

ok cool c:

Date: 2017-09-04 11:52 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pillz
[sadness and regret for kavinsky's little black heart, that he was cheated of these tasty cannibal bites after all. but he doesn't look sad or regretful, looking at jack, a smile tucking up the corners of his full-lipped mouth. the details might be hazy, but mostly, what he remembers of jack was a good time. to the extent that that's possible or relevant when you're permanently crawling in your skin these wounds they will not heal.]

I made progress, [he says.] 4.0 average, head of the class. Hey. Hey, [he ends up leaning one shoulder in the wall, which somehow feels like it translates to him leaning closer, even though he doesn't invade jack's personal space any more than he already has. that was so last season.]

Do you know what he does to people in here?

[still smiling!!]


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